Beauty Supreme OHG 


The Beauty Supreme OHG was founded on 01.01.2008 of the two tradesmans Dirk Schneider and Malte Bronisz to provide detailed information to all internet users that concreatly have been requested. Our aim is to provide as many of infomations of as much topics as possible to everybody who is showing interesst on the products.

We have different forums, article directories, newsfeeds, blogs and of course shop directories to our disposal to serve the users need of information about every product. Additionally we indeed like to offer additional information beyond the users interest shown in the best possible way.

The company currently is administrated by the two partners Dirk Schneider and Malte Bronisz. The adress of record is in Tornesch. A small and beautiful city located in the north-west of Hamburg with all advantages of the infrastructure of a metropolis and nearness to partners.

The core principles:

  • honesty
  • clearity
  • variety
  • and the demand highest quality, high-value, varied and up to date information to provide on all established platforms
  • Visit on of our Pages and see on yourself!

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